This was shot today on internship. We had some down time in the morning and my photographer asked me to bring in a fall leaf to photograph and this is what I came up with. Shot on Canon 5D.

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Model Shots

For our last day in lighting class our teacher brought in a makeup artist and a model and we were told to set up lights and shoot. We directed the model how we wanted her to look and said what hair and makeup we wanted for the shots. This one was a lighting setup done by another student using Speedotron strobes. There was on softbox hitting the side of her face and a kicker light bounced off foam core.
This was the lighting set up I did. One broncolor strobe high above her head right in front of her with a grid. I wanted something with contrast. I was going for a old hollywood type lighting style with a twist. Both were shot on a Canon 5D.

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This is something I've been wanting to shoot for a while. I love lips, especially with red lipstick because the color is so great and really defines the shape. The peppermint was added for a more interesting composition and the colors matched well. It was shot in the studio with a Canon 5D, 50mm macro lens. Exposure was 1/200 @ f/32. Photoshop used only for color to make the reds really pop and spotting.

This is how the lights were set up. Two Broncolor strobes to the side for an even look while bringing out the highlights in the lipgloss. Yes, that's me with half my face painted white and a mint in my teeth. I photographed my own lips for this one.

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