Scarlett O'Hara

My mom and I have been collecting Madame Alexander Dolls for years. We are big fans of Gone With Wind and have most of the dolls made from those characters. This our 20" Scarlett O'Hara. Taken with a Canon 5D. using a Sunpak 383 flash on a stand and window light. ISO 200, focal length 95mm, exposure 1/10 @ f/13.

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Large Format Porfolio

This shot was taked for portfolio in Large Format II. It was shot on transparency film using one Farrall Light. I am really proud of this shot. The lab was about to close so this was the only shot I took and it came out very well. I love the bright green of the apples contrasted with the white and brown of the bitten one. The lighting really works. This is one of my favorite photographs I have taken while at RCC.

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