Apples In A Shoe

I really love this shot. It was just an idea I had and wanted to try. It was my first chance this semester to do any personal work and I'm proud of it. This was taken on a Canon 5D, ISO 100, exposure was 1/125 @f/25.

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This is a self promo shot. I am still working on it. It was shot with a 5D, ISO 100, 1/250 @ f/9. I like it but it still needs some photoshop.

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Herb Ritts Inspired

One of our assignments was to take a photographer who is like a mentor to us and copy their style. I chose Herb Ritts, I absolutely love his work. My friend Ron modeled for this shot I was lucky to get her to do it considering she hates getting her picture taken. This was taken on a Canon 5D, ISO 500, exposure was 1/8 @ f/32.

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This was shot for Photographic Illustration. The assignment was to photograph a book cover for "Us and Them: A History of Intolerance in America." It was taken on a 5D, ISO 100, 1/25 at f/32. I really like this image and am proud of how it turned out.

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This was shot on T-Max 100 with a Hasselblad 501C, 80mm lens. This was shot first year at RCC so I don't remember my exposure exactly. I know that my f/stop was 2.8. I really like this shot. I like the shallow depth of field and the bokeh.

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Lighting Clinic- Aspiration

This is the second part of our project for the Lighting Clinic. We had to advertise our product using motion as a major element. I picked a man in suit dancing with his iPod. I wanted it to seem like this guy-probably working in a big office, he's a little up-tight-is walking home from work dancing down the street without a care in the world. I think my message came across well. This was shot on a Canon 5D with a flash at ISO 100. The exposure was 1/100 at f/5.6.

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Lighting Clinic- Product

This is a product shot taken for our Lighting Clinic in Photographic Illustration. I think the shadow is a little harsh, but I like that there is a shadow there. I had do to 2 exposures. One for the iPod and one for the screen. Both were taken with a Canon 5D at ISO 100. The iPod was exposed 1/60 at f/32. The screen was 4 seconds at f/32.

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