Atlas Headshots

My nephew is about to be moving to California so his parents asked if I would take some headshots for them. For a toddler Atlas is a great model!

Ron's Bridal Session

These look much better when you click to see the full view. Ron wanted something a little different and edgy for her bridals and this is what we came up with.

Ron and Tom Engagement Session

I am so excited to be shooting my best friends wedding! Tom and Ron are great and love to have a laugh which always makes for a good photo session.

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Whitney's Pregnant Shoot

My little nephew is almost here and I am so excited! I took these pictures of Whitney and my brother at their house. It was my first time shooting pregnant photos and I am so glad this got to be it!


Jonathan and Whitney's Wedding

My older brother got married over the weekend. It was so beautiful and took place in Wilmington at the Fragrance Garden in Greenfield Park. I'm so lucky they asked me to take their photos. I had a lot of fun and got some really great shots.

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Ron cries...

This was just something we shot for fun. Ron is a nice friend and will let me pour contact lens solution all over her face.

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Gabby-Meschantes redo

Did some Photoshop work to this to make the colors better.

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Beer Bottle

What do you think?

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J. Lo perfume. What do you think?

Please view full size.



More ring photos.

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